A perfect way to start a feast with friends and family or large enough for a small meal, our appetizers are unique and delicious. We really suggest you try our locally famous Roca Bar Combo Basket for a wide variety of items and tastes.

Roca Bar Italian Salad
Lettuce topped with ham, pepperoni, egg, tomatoes, green and black olives and topped with cheese and Roca Bar Italian dressing

Chef Salad
Ham, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, and topped with cheese.

Grilled or Fried Chicken Salad
Grilled or Fried chicken pieces on top of lettuce, cheese, eggs and tomatoes.

Shrimp / Chilled or Sauted Salad
Lettuce, cheese, egg, tomato and black olives.

Dinner Salad
Lettuce, cheese, and tomato

Choice of Salad Dressing:
• Roca Bar Italian
• Roca Bar Blue Cheese
• Ranch
• Honey Mustard
• French
• Thousand Island
• Lite Ranch